City Hall Colors

I got tired of not being able to take good pictures at night so I decided to buy a semi pro camera and a decent lens. A few weeks ago I took my new setup and ended up capturing these pictures of San Francisco’s City Hall and it’s colored light display.

After having gone through various lenses ranging from zoom to portrait lenses, I finally decided that one type of lens I wanted was a wide angle, suited for night photography. I purchased the Tokina 11-16mm lens which from what I can tell is doing a rather great job at capturing the type of pics I’m trying to take.

I don’t want to go on for ages on camera stuff as you may really just be interested in the pics, but fact is I’m now going to start posting pictures that were not created on my iPhone so I thought I’d give some background on this move 🙂

Above you’ll see some pics I took at the end of June depicting San Francisco’s City Hall, which was already displayed in these colors before the Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage nationally.

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