The City At Night

Night time is where I’m spending most of my time shooting currently, as the results are a bit more fun to work with than regular shots.

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City Hall Colors

I got tired of not being able to take good pictures at night so I decided to buy a semi pro camera and a decent lens. A few weeks ago I took my new setup […]

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Memorial Day

Where I went to Lightning in a Bottle the previous year, this Memorial Day I was fortunate enough to be able to intend a private, invite-only event somewhere a few hours North of San Francisco

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Street Art

The cool thing about San Francisco is the fact that you can just take random missions exploring the city, and constantly run into more visual awesomeness.

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A Walk In The Park

With all the warm weather hitting San Francisco these past few days I had to venture out for a bit and do some exploring. 

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Blistering Cold

As part of my vacation for nearly a month, first I spent two weeks in Florida, a few pics of which are posted here, and after that I headed to upstate

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