Sunrise Sessions

I spent Christmas in Florida this year and I’m happy to say I had plenty of opportunities to hit the beaches in the morning for some nice sunrises.

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Victorian Style II

Victorian style houses bursting with color and life captured on my iPhone 5s.

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Down by the Lake

As I already mentioned in the last two posts, I spent a week in NY state, and while there I of course took the opportunity to drive around and take pictures

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Dulles International Airport (IAD)

As I recently traveled via Washington, I was able to see what to me looked like rather new architectural wonders wherever you looked. From the train that

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New York Country Side

I just returned from a week long trip to New York State, and along the way I had the chance to capture a few pics of luscious green country sides.

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Fly And Rail

Here’s a collection of pictures I threw together featuring¬†random airports and train stations in both the United States and Germany. ¬†

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