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Downtown SF

Sometimes I just walk around the city and snap pics of what looks good to me. Here’s a collection of these pictures.

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Victorian Style II

Victorian style houses bursting with color and life captured on my iPhone 5s.

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Dulles International Airport (IAD)

As I recently traveled via Washington, I was able to see what to me looked like rather new architectural wonders wherever you looked. From the train that

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China Town

So one day I randomly went to China Town. Not really with enough time nor a general mission of what I wanted to accomplish there, but I figured it was time to

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SF Scrapers

I really can’t get enough of awesome looking tall buildings and San Francisco simply has so many to offer. From totally modern, to absolutely historical, you can find just about any building style in this […]

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The Golden Gate Bridge

It’s been nearly a year that I’ve been living in San Francisco and I have only been to the Golden Gate Bridge twice, and where I don’t have a quota I need to meet, it […]

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