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Point Reyes

California is huge and if you want to see all if its beauty, you really have to cover a lot of ground. In order make some more progress in that I area I recently I […]

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The Golden Gate Bridge

It’s been nearly a year that I’ve been living in San Francisco and I have only been to the Golden Gate Bridge twice, and where I don’t have a quota I need to meet, it […]

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Bike ride along the bay

Sometimes you just have to get out, especially if you live in the city so I went out on my bike and took a ride by the bay. I took a few breaks on the […]

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A yes, Piers. The object of so many people that capture images with their respective devices. I too have fallen victim to this obsession, and my living in Florida made this very easy

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Point Lobos

As part of a few lovely days spent near Carmel by the Sea and Monterey, I had time to visit Point Lobos State Park, located right on the Pacific coast. The view there is incredible.

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These pictures were taken at Lake Worth Beach in Florida where Paragliders can often be seen on windy days as the one on display in the pictures below.

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